You don’t have to worry about whether that title will draw eyeballs, do you? Because nothing gets people worked up like some good, old sex. And that’s why my books almost always have sex in them.

My books also have a lot of scenes of people eating and sleeping in them, too, because those are things everyone does. Sex is a part of the human experience, and unless you’re writing about aliens who procreate through some process unknown to us, human experience counts.

People want a lot of things, and sex is one of them. I don’t care who or where you come from; that’s a common feature. And common features are where we find the humanity in our characters. They can be from anywhere, raised in disparate cultures, and be of different ages, sexes, or creeds. Doesn’t matter.

Sure, some people pretend to be offended by sex. They’re more repressed than the average person, but it’s not that they don’t have the drive.

As a writer, I’m interested in exploring how people interact and how those differences highlight commonalities. Women are different than men, for example, but they’re both people and therefore have a whole set of traits in common. Sex is a way to get at that, and it can also heighten tension or drama. Will they or won’t they is a thing for a reason.

So don’t fear sex. Please put it in your writing. It belongs there.