Blogging versus microblogging

I wouldn’t say I like social media sites. I don’t use them, and I will never use them. Anything you see on one of those sites with my name attached is fake or run by one of my people. I think we’ve established that.

My alternative to xeeting and tooting and farting is microblogging. It’s similar to those things but is absent the neediness upon which social media sites thrive. How many retweets did I get? How many shares? And so on.

I couldn’t give less of a s— about that kind of stuff. I share short-form and long-form thoughts as appropriate, whether anyone reads them. This is a blog entry. Later today, I might post something that’s three hundred characters long. It’s whatever comes to mind.

You can do this, too. Stop using those sites and get back to sharing for the sake of sharing, not for internet points. You will be one hundred percent happier. I guarantee it.

And you needn’t do it my way, either. I happen to share on a micro-blog site because I can’t be bothered to operate the back end of my site. But there are ways to do this using WordPress or similar blog engines if you prefer to handle it yourself. The important thing is doing it, not how.

So disconnect from the social media wasteland and start doing something that’s for you. Please.