Write. Now.

A few years back, I got a near-lethal dose of COVID that nuked my lungs. I resisted going to the doctor about it for a while but eventually did when my breath didn’t return. They found what we expected to see but also discovered something they didn’t: a time bomb in my guts.

It turns out I have an aneurysm in one of my abdominal arteries. It’s not huge, but it’s not tiny, either. If it ruptures, I will die. It’s that simple.

Yes, it can be repaired, and I’ll do that if recommended, but this is supposed to be my weekly writing blog, not a health update. I want to talk about the urgency of writing. It’s a thought that’s on my mind.

If you have ideas you want to share, write them. Don’t wait until tomorrow or the next day, or next week. Write. Now. And I say this because you may not have an opportunity if you don’t do it. You could have an artery in your stomach burst and die without writing a word.

This would be a real shame, wouldn’t it? To deny the world your vision? Even if it’s some oddball fanfic that only three people will enjoy, it’s still what you have to offer. Why wouldn’t you?

So, if you do nothing else today, sit down for an hour (or however long) and write. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Seriously.